Keeping Your Grease Trap Clean And Safe

Posted on: 25 April 2022

If you are a new restaurant owner, and you have a grease trap to help keep contaminants from marring your community's water supply, you need to take steps to maintain it properly. Here are some actions to help you keep your grease trap in the best condition possible.

Keep A List Of Necessary Steps Handy

There are several steps that need to be taken by your employees to ensure your grease trap remains unblocked and free of odors. You will likely provide your employees with demonstrations of the steps necessary to keep the grease trap maintained. If you are not doing the work yourself, however, you may have some anxiety as to whether your employees will remember to conduct each step needed. Keeping a checklist near the grease trap is a great way to remind employees of all steps they need to take to keep the trap in good working order. 

Check The Trap's Condition Regularly

Make sure your employees know to alert you if they suspect the grease trap is malfunctioning so you can take quick action in getting it repaired. Conduct daily checks of the grease trap for signs of blockages. Note whether the grease smells foul, or whether there is a buildup of fat or oil that has remained on the surface of the grease. Use a skimmer to remove any solid pieces after every use of the trap. Clean the interior of the grease trap with an appropriate cleanser on a routine basis. Check for cracks in the exterior of the trap and check whether any grease has accumulated on the floor underneath the location of the grease trap. These are indicators that your trap is in need of an evaluation by a professional.

Contact A Service For Help When Needed

Your grease trap will need deep cleaning sessions to remove buildup from the piping system. A grease trap maintenance service will also conduct the cleaning of the collection area during a maintenance session. First, the grease is pumped from the chamber and removed so the service can recycle it appropriately. The cleaning is then conducted to remove grime from the inside of the collection area. After cleaning is conducted, the service will then check over the entire trap for signs of wear. This includes checking the piping system for flaws. If a repair needs to be conducted, the service will make recommendations to you regarding necessary fixes so your restaurant can remain open with the trap in use.

Contact a professional for more information about grease trap maintenance