4 Tips And Guidelines To Follow When Recycling Air Conditioners

Posted on: 11 January 2022

Air conditioners are an absolute necessity in almost every part of the country. However, they wear out with time and may even become obsolete. Therefore, it is advisable to have a well-thought-out plan on what you will do with your unit once you stop using it. One of the best ways to handle the unit is by recycling it. First, recycling an air conditioning unit is better than letting it go to the landfill. Secondly, you preserve the ozone layer when you recycle because the Freon will not be released into the air. Thirdly, recycling companies offer money for scrap metal, so you gain economically. Here are four pro tips and guidelines to give you an excellent experience with the recycling process. 

Understanding the AC Components

Before engaging any recycling experts, you need to research what can be recycled in the unit. For example, the air conditioning unit is a combination of plastic and metallic parts. Both the plastic and metallic parts are recyclable. The air conditioner also contains refrigerant, which cools down the air. Older machines had chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, while newer ones have hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs. The difference between the CFCs and HFCs is that the former depletes the ozone layer while the latter does not. However, one of the main reasons you should recycle is to prevent the refrigerant from ending up in the environment, which would be harmful. 

Managing the Refrigerant

It is essential to understand that disposing the refrigerant is a sensitive matter that you should handle according to local regulations. When recycling the refrigerant, you should look for people who know how to remove and recycle or destroy the refrigerant correctly. Avoid cutting the refrigerant lines that allow the Freon to escape, as this harms the environment. 

Getting the Recycling Service Provider

When your air conditioner unit reaches the end of its useful life, you should think about taking it to a local solid waste management company for recycling. They should have a facility that recycles machines that contain refrigerant. You can ask them about their recycling policy before submitting your appliance to them. You should also find out whether or not they pay for the scrap metal. Alternatively, you can check whether the scrap metal dealers close to you have the capacity to recycle the appliance. 

The most important part of the refrigeration process is finding a company that specifically handles air conditioner recycling. They will help you conserve the environment, and the ozone, while taking an obsolete appliance off your property. Contact an air conditioning recycling service near you to learn more.