Tips for Recycling the Copper from Your Project

Posted on: 16 September 2020

Copper is a common metal that has a range of uses in construction projects. However, individuals can overlook the steps involved with safely and efficiently disposing of their waste copper. Whether this is in the form of wires, pipes or other components, there are a few benefits that can be enjoyed by opting to use a recycling service that can process copper.

Its an Environmentally Sustainable Disposal Option

Protecting the environment is a responsibility that is shared by everyone. However, construction and other industrial activities can be especially harsh on the environment, and this makes it important to take steps to effectively mitigate these issues. Copper recycling is one option as it can reduce the amount of landfill space that the project requires while also helping to increase the supply of available copper so that less will need to be mined and processed.

Recycling Services May Offer Compensation for Copper

Many recycling services will also be able to offer their clients compensation for their scrap copper. This compensation can vary, but it can be a valuable way to gain additional revenue for materials that you were otherwise planning on throwing away. Copper is particularly valuable in terms of the various types of scrap metal that are commonly produced, and this is one of the reasons that it can be well worth the effort of using a recycling service that offers some compensation for these metals. The exact rate is usually calculated based on the current market price of copper. This means that the value of the scrap copper from your project may fluctuate in price. This should be noted if you will need to use the recycling service for an extended period of time so that you are not surprised by these fluctuations.

Secure Your Waste Copper

Due to the value of copper, it is a reality that is a common target of theft at construction project sites. Whenever you have scrap copper that is waiting to be collected by a recycling service, you should make an effort to ensure that it is properly secured. This can prevent individuals from being able to steal copper. Additionally, individuals that steal copper may be inclined to check the rest of the project site for valuable items. If you are anticipating there being a large amount of copper waste that will need to be recycled, you may want to invest in a recycling bin that has a lockable top or access hatch so that you can prevent individuals from seeing or reaching inside the bin when it is secured.