Why Roll Off Recycling Services Are Better Than Free Recycling Bins

Posted on: 30 June 2019

If you will be recycling materials, you may have access to free recycling bins. The type of services you'll have access to are based partially on whether you're a business or you are looking for residential services. It's also based on your location. However, there are several reasons why you might be better off with roll off box recycling services.

Easier to Apply

With a free recycling bin, you'll typically need to fill out a form and wait for the recycling bin to be provided to you. Usually, the form is online. However, you may fill the form out at a local sanitation services office. Another issue is that there might not be enough recycling bins. If this is the case, you might be required to order your own rather than relying on a free recycling service. 

In some counties, you may be allowed to use any container to store your recyclables. You would simply need to mark the container as recycling. However, it's more convenient to have one delivered to you.

Always Delivered to You

Some free recycling services will not deliver the bin to you. Instead, you'll have to pickup the bin yourself. For that reason, obtaining a recycling bin from a roll off recycling service might be a better choice. 

You May Earn Money

If you are going to recycle scrap metal, you may be better off turning to a scrap metal recycling service. Scrap metal recycling services will pay you for your scrap metal so you'll not only be able to dispose of the scrap metal in an eco-conscious way, but will also make money. 

More Convenient

Working with roll off box recycling services is ideal when you have a large number of materials to recycle. For example, if you were performing renovations, you may have too much to recycle and need a larger container. The smaller bins that are provided by the city are not as durable and convenient. 

A typical roll-off recycling bin will come with compartments so that you may sort based on the materials you are recycling. Many bins are lockable so that you can prevent dumpster divers from attempting to steal your scrap metal. Unlike the plastic found with free recycling bins, the roll-off recycling bins are made using structural steel. They are cleaned before they are delivered to your property. As a result, these are often the more convenient option when you must dispose of recyclable materials such as scrap metal.

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