3 Ways You Can Dispose Of Your Computer And Protect Your Data

Posted on: 18 February 2016

You should never just throw away your old computer. Computers are full of toxic materials like cadmium, lead and arsenic that should not make it to the landfill. If toxic materials make it into the landfills, then they could possibly leak into the ecosystem and food supply.

On the other hand, your computer contains all of your personal information. Throwing it away means someone else can get their hands on your personal data. Here are three ways that you can dispose of your computer.

Try IT Asset Disposition Services

If you want to protect your personal data, then you should try an IT asset disposition service. An IT asset disposition (ITAD) service is a business that disposes of unwanted or obsolete equipment in a safe, responsible manner. Here is how it works. ITAD companies can send someone to your location to pick up the equipment. They can also destroy digital data before leaving your location.

Your computer is packed up before leaving your location. It is packed according to your specifications and packed to secure your data. These items are entered into ITAD's system and can be tracked. ITAD companies do the majority of the work for you. It just takes you calling and setting up an appointment for pickup.

Sell It

Selling your computer is another way to dispose of it. You may not have use for the computer, but it could help someone else. The computer can be sold as a unit or for parts. If you are planning to sell for parts, then EBay is a good place to start. Many consumers search EBay for hard to find computer parts. Make sure to delete any personal data before selling the computer.

Donate It

If the computer is in good working condition, then you can donate it to a charity. It helps to check what is available in your local area. National Christina Foundation is one of those charities that put the donations towards a good use. This charity's donations go towards helping the disabled. Donating puts your computer to use instead of just throwing it away. You should also wipe the hard drive clean before giving it away.

It is important to protect yourself in today's society because your identity can be stolen at anytime. Scam artists are always looking for ways to get a hold of personal information. It helps to find the best disposal method to protect your records and the environment.