How To Be More Efficient With Your Commercial Building's Trash

Posted on: 18 August 2015

Trash removal is often an inefficient process. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the buildup and removal of trash in your business a process that uses up less of your company's resources.

Use Your Trash to Make Electricity

There are some new options for using your trash these days. This new technology has a contraption that's about the size of a shipping container that you can use to convert trash from your commercial building into electricity or heat.  This has the combined effect of reducing how much trash you have to get rid of, as well as reducing your heating and electric bills for your entire building.

If your building is large enough, fees for trash removal can be $200,000 a year according to executives at ISC Energy. The fees for heating and providing electricity to the building are also going to be high in many commercial buildings as well. The machine works by taking trash into one side where the refuse is shredded.

From this trash, pellets are created. The pellets are then put into another part of the machine which turns them into a synthetic gas made of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This gas can then be used to burn for heat or to use in any generator capable of using this type of gas as a fuel for creating electricity that can then be used by the building.

Add Smart Dumpsters

This technology is being used now by various governments, but there are also plenty of commercial options available as well. Essentially, the smart dumpster lets you only order a service when it's needed. The dumpsters use solar power for energy in order to not be a drain on resources in any way themselves.

The dumpsters can notify whomever is in charge of scheduling the trash removal when the dumpster is full. Some are capable of just sending this directly to the removal service so no administrative resources are really required at all. Depending on the business, the sensors on these smart dumpsters can also be set to request removal when the smell coming from the trash reaches a certain level.

The advantage here is that by refraining from using just a regular removal all the time, you will be able to reduce wasted gas and other resources since if the dumpster is largely empty when the scheduled emptying begins, this is an unnecessary waste of resources. For more information on trash options, contact a local provider, like E.L. Harvey & Sons.